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Interesting Wired Article- “The quantum clock is ticking on encryption – and your data is under threat”

Below is the introduction to a Wired article by 

“A time bomb is ticking – but the numbers keep changing, flipping from enough minutes to save the day but not enough time to escape with your own skin. Then it switches again. It’s no action film, it’s the strange threat posed to encryption by quantum computing. The impending exponential leap in processing power will crack some cryptography, but how serious is the threat? If quantum computing takes three decades to truly arrive, there’s no reason to panic. If it lands in ten years, our data is in serious trouble. But it’s impossible to predict with certainty when it will happen.”

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SAFEcrypto Project Review

We held a very successful project review last week (Wednesday 14 Sept) in Brussels for SAFEcrypto.  We were hosted in the Office of the NI Executive in Brussels (ONIEB) and we would like to thank ONIEB Director, Andrew Elliott and Senior EU Liaison Office Stephen Duffy for their support and hospitality during the review.  Andrew’s staff including Corrine Becquevort and Lucy Pollock where of invaluable help to us.


QUB’s Gavin McWilliams talks to U105FM about SAFEcrypto


SAFEcrypto at NIST

Members of the SAFEcrypto team attended the NIST Workshop on Cybersecurity in a Post-Quantum World on the 2nd and 3rd April 2015. Máire O’Neill of Queen’s University Belfast and Principal Investigator of SAFEcrypto, presented a report on Practical Lattice-based Digital Signature Schemes on behalf of the team. Bob Griffen of RSA and Standards Liaison Manager and Work-package 8 Leader in SAFEcrypto, acted as moderator for a Panel discussion on Key Management for quantum-safe cryptography. Joining the Panel were William Whyte of Security Innovation, Gregoire Ribordy of ID Quantique, Sean Parkinson of RSA and Elizabeth O’Sullivan of Queen’s University Belfast and Work-package 6 Leader of SAFEcrypto.