Post-Quantum Cryptography Lounge

The Post-Quantum Cryptography Lounge provides a searchable summary of the candidates submitted to the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardisation process that can be easily filtered.
(Example: filter for lattice, code, multi-variate quadratic, SIDH, other …)

Round 1 candidates

Round 2 candidates

A searchable table and responsive charts for the NIST analysis of the mandatory optimised software implementations is available at the following links:

NIST Software Analysis – Signatures

NIST Software Analysis – Encryption

NIST Software Analysis – KEM

Going forward we aim to collate software and hardware implementation results for the submitted candidates.

Information is currently taken from the pqc-forum. All further contributions and updates are welcome. Please email: info AT

Useful Links:
Security estimates for LWE- and NTRU-based candidates can be found at: