SAFEcrypto News

High-speed BLAKE2 Hash Function published as IETF RFC 7693

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the main body behind standards for the Internet has on November 3 published RFC 7693 “The BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash  and Message Authentication Code (MAC)”, edited by CSIT Research Fellow Dr.  Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen. RFC Text: Publication of this SHA3 finalist as an RFC together with related ISO Object Identifiers enables […]

NSA announce plans to transition to Quantum-Safe algorithms

This month, the NSA announced plans that NIST’s Suite B cryptographic algorithms will be transitioning to quantum resistant algorithms in the not too distant future with the goal of providing cost-effective security against a potential quantum computer. They also advised vendors who have not yet transitioned to the Suite B elliptic curve algorithms to wait […]

SAFEcrypto Deliverable D9.1 Case Study Specifications and Requirements added to Outcomes

SAFEcrypto Deliverable D9.1 Case Study Specifications and Requirements has been added to the Outcomes section and is available to download now. The purpose of this document is to specify the case studies to be demonstrated in SAFEcrypto, and provide requirements that must be met by the technologies to be developed in Work Packages (WPs) 5-8. […]

SAFEcrypto Work Package Leader takes on Presidency of PSCE

Dr David Lund, leader of SAFEcrypto Work Package 3 (Vulnerability and Risk Analysis), has recently taken on the Presidency of Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE).  This follows two years as a member of the PSCE board. In the coming year there will be a number of key turning points which influence the future of public safety […]